Your Comprehensive Chiropractic Care Exam

Your Comprehensive Chiropractic Care Exam

When you allow Lifetime Spines to take control of your chiropractic care, we begin with a consultation and an exam. During the consultation, the doctor will discuss your condition with you in order to begin to understand your health related issues and chiropractic needs. Following the consultation, you will receive a comprehensive exam, which will include a thermal nerve scan, a range of motion evaluation, and a complete postural analysis.

Thermal Nerve Scan

The thermal scan allows us to evaluate the functionality of your nervous system, which regulates other important systems such as the digestive tract and the immune system. A healthy nervous system is directly related to spinal health because the central nervous system is housed within the spinal cord. With an idea of how your nerves are functioning, we can better relieve your pain.

Range Of Motion Evaluation

Your range of motion is exactly what it sounds like. Is is the measurable distance your joints can be moved in any direction. Manual adjustments can improve your range of motion significantly depending on your condition, and we do an initial evaluation in order to identify problem areas and get a starting point for comparison.

Complete Postural Analysis

We use postural analyses to identify immediately obvious abnormalities and to evaluate how your posture is affecting your body. Sitting with your legs crossed, for example, causes pressure in your back, and slouching can cause not only back and shoulder pain but also jaw pain and headaches.

Find out what a healthy spine feels like when you visit Lifetime Spines for chiropractic care in Austin. Contact us today or request an appointment online.


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