What Type Of Massage Do You Need?

What Type Of Massage Do You Need?


Living with chronic pain can be difficult. You can’t do the things you use to and you can’t experience life in the same manner as you were able to before. There are many ways to treat chronic pain that range from chiropractic care to massage therapy. At Lifetime Smiles, we are here to treat chronic pain whether it’s from an injury or you have tight muscles. If you’re experiencing chronic pain in your body, then you’ve probably considered getting a massage a time or two. A massage can be a beneficial way to relieve the pain you may be experiencing in your body. It can also help to improve the circulation and lymphatic drainage. If you’re interested in learning more about our massage specials, then take the time to contact us at your convenience for an appointment.

If you’re suffering from chronic pain and you’re trying to figure out what type of massage you need to alleviate the pain in your body, then we’re here to help you figure out what massage service would be best for your ailments. You’ll find a list of symptoms that you can match up to what you may be experiencing to find the right massage that you should take advantage of when you come to Lifetime Smiles. We also have massage specials that are beneficial for your first time massage. Even if you’ve had a massage before, take the time to learn what would be the massage that will cause your pain to be alleviated.


Best For…


The Swedish massage is fantastic for relaxing. This massage offers light to medium pressure on your body in the areas that are causing you the most pain. A Swedish Massage will increase the circulation in your body and the movement of your lymphs. If you are experiencing high stress situations or you feel over stressed, then a Swedish massage will be just what you need to alleviate your chronic pain. This massage is also beneficial for those who are getting a massage for the first time.

Chronically tight/Painful Muscles

A Deep Tissue Massage will release the muscle tension in your body and provide you with deep pain relief throughout your body. The Deep Tissue Massage will lengthen your muscles and loosen the scar tissue throughout your body. This type of massage is good for chronic and overuse injuries throughout your body. It will also help with repetitive strain.

Enhance Athletic Performance

If you’re worried about sustaining an injury or you have an injury that you need to be treated, then try the Sports Massage. The Sports Massage will enhance your athletic performance and prevent you from sustaining an injury. You can take advantage of this type of massage before a sports event or after one. This type of massage will provide flexibility and offers a balance to a training regimen.

Decrease Swelling

The Prenatal Massage will decrease the swelling of your body. If you’re pregnant, then this massage will alleviate the aches and the pains you may be experiencing. When a woman is pregnant, she generally experiences a lot of swelling and low back pain. A Prenatal Massage will focus on protecting the baby while relieving the swelling and pain through your body. This type of massage will also relieve your headaches, backaches, and reduce your fatigue while increasing your sleep cycle.

If you have a symptom on this list that wasn’t addressed, then contact us to figure out the right massage service for you.

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