What To Know Before Getting A Massage

What To Know Before Getting A Massage


Getting a professional massage may be one of the most relaxing things you can do for your body and mind. A massage will soothe your body, spirit, and mind. After the massage, you’ll experience an improvement in your overall well-being. You’ll have an increase of immunity, anxiety, and circulation within your body. You’ll also notice that you sleep better. At Lifetime Spines, we offer an array of massage specials for first time members. If you’ve never had a massage before or you’re still a little uncomfortable getting a massage, then continue reading to learn what you should know before you get a massage.


Five Things To Know Before You Get A Massage

Before you get a massage, there are some things that you should know. Even if you’ve had a massage before, it’s vital that you go over these important facets to ensure that you are prepared for your appointment. As a new patient, it’s vital that you look over the necessary information before your appointment such as patient forms.

Be On Time

The first thing that you need to do before your massage appointment is to be on time. This will set the mood for your appointment. You should always be on time or early to an appointment, but with a massage therapist, she or he has to fit your massage within the scheduled appointment time. If you arrive late, then you’re cutting the time down for the next client and generally, massage therapists won’t work past the designated time.

It’s Okay To Dictate The Pressure

The pressure for a massage isn’t something that is written in stone. If you want a lighter massage or one that’s filled with more pressure, then you can tell your massage therapist that you want to change up the pressure. Your massage therapist will be happy to change the pressure from more or less depending on what you asked for. They won’t feel offended, it’s just what you feel comfortable with.

No Perfume Or Aftershave

Next, you’re going to want to skip the perfume or the aftershave. While you may love the smell, your massage therapist might not. You should be accommodating to your massage therapist because they are alleviating your stress and pain throughout your body. Since he or she is working closely with you, you’ll want to eliminate any scents so it doesn’t irritate his or her nose. Additionally, the massage therapist may be allergic to perfume.

Mention Where You Seem To Be Hurting

You’re at a massage appointment for a reason. Either your body hurts from an injury, chronic pain, or you need some mental relaxation, there’s a reason you’re getting a massage. If you have something that’s going on with your body or a condition that he or she should be careful of, then tell the massage therapist. It’s important to tell the massage therapist what may be ailing your body, so they can focus on the area or stay away from it.

A Massage Shouldn’t Hurt

Keep in mind that a massage shouldn’t hurt. It should feel good. Even though there may be some discomfort it’s because you are working on muscles that are tight and need to be stretched out. You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable or in pain. If that’s the case, then your muscles might be taking on too much tension and they are too tight. If you are feeling pain, then let your massage therapist know.

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