What To Do At Work For Back Pain

What To Do At Work For Back Pain


You’ve worked the same job for a few years now and you love it; however, your back pain is increasingly getting worse the more you sit at your desk. You’ve tried taking medicine, you’ve talked to your doctor, and you’ve even tried sitting with a special pillow behind your back. Nothing seems to be working for long term relief. It’s time to get serious about your lower back pain, and the best way to do that is to get some tips about chiropractic care from a professional. At Lifetime Spines, we can help you understand what chiropractic care is and why it’s essential to help you, especially when it comes to sitting in a desk chair day-after-day. If you’re interested in getting rid of your aches and pains, then schedule an appointment.


Four Ways To Alleviate Back Pain At Work


So your lower back hurts. It happens to a majority of people who sit for long periods of time. It also can happen to people who stand for long periods of time. Back pain seems to be inevitable at this stage in life; however, what if we told you it doesn’t have to be with some tips to keep your body from feeling uncomfortable? These four methods can help you alleviate some of the back pain you experience at work without you needing to take any medication.

Keep Your Shoulders Low

The first suggestion we have for you is to keep your shoulders low. Sometimes, when we begin to get stressed our body begins to get very tense and our shoulders begin to rise and become hunched. This is especially true if you spend a majority of the day typing or you’re on a deadline and need to get everything together on time. Your posture can become very affected by the way your shoulders are positioned. If your shoulders are high, then they are jammed upward near your ears instead of relaxed against the chair. If you find you can’t keep your shoulders at one height, then perhaps try to adjust the height of your chair, desk, or the armrests.

Get A New Office Chair

This one might not be plausible for everyone because you might not be able to get a new office chair or you don’t want to spend money on one. However, if you have the opportunity, then a new office chair might do the trick. The most important way to start getting relief for that lower back pain is to have proper posture, and that might not be plausible due to the way your chair is designed. By purchasing an ergonomically-designed chair, you can have a chair that has a forward curve in the lower back that you can rest against. The curve provides lumbar support and will help your lower back stay in the proper position. Again, however, if this isn’t an option, then you can roll a towel or use a support pillow to put at the base of your lower back.

Try A Standing Desk

This option might also be difficult if you work in an office that doesn’t have standing desks or there’s not room for one. A standing desk can be very, very beneficial. It’s also popular right now for obvious health reasons. The human body isn’t designed to just sit every day for hours on end. The human body was meant to move around — not sit in front of a computer. While you’re not going to quit your job, you could switch to a desk that is convertible or just change your desk to a standing one. A convertible sit-to-stand desk is an excellent option because it alleviates back pain and other joint pain as well as helps blood circulation, and it can even boost the productivity in a work day. It also allows you to move every so often from sitting to standing since, essentially, you don’t want to do either for too long.

If you still feel discomfort and pain throughout your day after trying some of these methods, then come visit us for our chiropractic services. We also offer massage therapy.

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