Welcome to Lifetime Spine’s Blog

Welcome to Lifetime Spine’s Blog

Welcome to our blog, where you’ll find news, events, trivia, facts, and other writings related to the chiropractic and massage fields. At Lifetime Spines in Austin, we use a holistic approach to treat not only the body but also the mind and the spirit. A healthy body begins with a healthy spine, but our treatment programs also include other support besides physical chiropractic adjustment. In an ongoing effort to promote healthy lifestyles and overall wellness in our patients, our treatments also include education, nutritional support, and wellness planning.

In addition to being holistically designed, our treatment programs are also customized to each individual patient. One of our expert chiropractors will assess whatever pain problem you’re having and create a treatment program that fits your needs and your needs only. We specialize in treating injuries caused by automobile accidents, sports injuries, and workplace injuries, but we’d love the opportunity to help you with whatever sort of chiropractic or massage service you need.  

When Dr. Toloue opened our doors in 2011, her mission was not as simple as bringing quality chiropractic care to the Austin, TX, area. Her goals for our chiropractic clinic go further than treating symptoms. Her focus is on promoting overall health and wellness in Austin families through the 5 Essentials: A Balanced Mind, Maximum Nerve Supply, Quality Nutrition, Exercise, and the Elimination of Toxins. At Lifetime Spines, we understand how all of these elements of chiropractic work together in a healthy, properly adjusted body.

Request an appointment today, and let one of our chiropractors start you on your journey to a healthier you.  

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