First Visit To The Chiropractor

ConsultationDuring your consultation, you will meet with the doctor to discuss your health issues and chiropractic treatment options. The goals of this visit are getting to know each other, identifying your chiropractic needs, and getting everyone’s questions answered. You will also hear about the chiropractor specials we have going on, if any.


ExamAfter your initial consultation, you will receive a comprehensive chiropractic exam, which includes a thermal nerve scan, an evaluation of your range of motion, and a complete analysis of your posture. Please note that all of the technology used within our office is completely safe, so you don’t need to worry.


CareIf you are cleared for chiropractic intervention, then you will begin to receive treatment from a chiropractor at our comfortable offices in Austin. Your treatment may include stretches, exercise/physical therapy, and chiropractic spinal adjustments.


Report of FindingsA Report of Findings will be completed once your consultation, examination, and first session have taken place. The doctor will review the findings and assess how your body has responded to the initial chiropractic adjustment. You will receive a detailed report of these findings, and you will have an opportunity to discuss the treatment recommendations. At this point, a wellness program will be established for you, and you will get the opportunity to voice any concerns and get answers for all of your questions.


Wellness Programs

Embracing a wellness program can be the ideal way to get the most out of your chiropractic care. For example, wellness options for chronic pain include heat or ice application guidance, positions or activities meant to eliminate pain, and home exercises designed to alleviate pain. Everyone is unique, so your wellness program will be customized to your specific needs. While going through the program, you will achieve proper spinal alignment, get regular exercise, follow a diet, and maintain a healthy mental outlook.
Contact us today to schedule your first visit, and then head over to the new patient forms. Find the right one, print it out, fill it out, and bring it with you.