The Importance of Myofascial Release

The Importance of Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is something that many people seem to be talking about. It’s a relatively hot topic these days and in today’s blog, we’re going to cover some of the key points of it. One of the special massage services that we offer is myofascial release. Myofascial release is a great way to really relieve your body of knots, trigger points, and tension. However, many times people aren’t doing myofascial release the correct way. With so many instruments and ways to release the knots and tension in your body, it can be difficult to determine what you need to do for overall health and pain relief. For this reason, Lifetime Spines is here for massage specials, which you can surely take advantage of to relieve any discomfort you may experience. Contact Lifetime Spines to schedule a massage service.


What Is Myofascial Release?

Before we begin about the benefits of myofascial release, we’d like to cover exactly what it is. First, it’s vital to note that it’s completely safe. Secondly, it’s a hands-on technique to relieve your body of discomfort and pain in the connective tissue, which is called myofascial connective tissue. The myofascial connective tissue can become restricted due to pain, so this release method will eliminate that discomfort and restore the motion through your body. By applying gentle sustained pressure, the pain can be decreased and movement can be reinstated. The gentle pressure will be gentle applies to the areas that cause you discomfort. It’s vital to note that every person is different when it comes to myofascial release, so treatment can vary.

What Does Myofascial Release Consist Of?

At Lifetime Spines, we offer myofascial release for our massage specials. The myofascial release consists of a simplistic, but effective method of targeting the areas of your body that are in pain. The myofascial release will relax muscles that are contracted. It will also increase the circulation and lymphatic drainage throughout your body. Another part of myofascial release is stimulating the stretch reflex of the overlying fascia and the muscles. Myofascial release is meant to make your body much more relaxed and pain-free.

The Benefits Of Myofascial Release

When it comes to the benefits of myofascial release there are in fact several that will bring your body restoration. With sitting so much at desks or doing intense HIIT workouts, your body can take a lot on a day-to-day basis. Sitting can be very damaging to your body and can results in many painful issues due to posture and a lack of movement. On the other hand, if you exercise a lot, then you probably feel soreness, which also creates discomfort. We provide five benefits of myofascial release that can help you further understand this beneficial and special massage service.

  • Reduce Pain: The first benefit and the one that a lot of people like to take advantage of because of the desire for pain relief is the decrease in pain. Pain can be something that rules our lives if we’re not careful, which is why we strongly encourage myofascial releases for those who do feel pain, whether it’s acute or chronic. Myofascial will reduce pain through your body because it releases contracted muscles and increases circulation as well as relaxes the muscles and overlying fascia.
  • Reduce Exercise-Related Soreness: Another benefit is the reduction of exercise-related soreness. If you do a lot of exercising and constantly feel sore, then this option can be exceptionally beneficial. Not only will you get lymphatic drainage, but you’ll focus on those areas through your body that need some extra stretching after a particularly difficult workout.
  • Improve Movement And Flexibility: Most people want to be more flexible and have better movement. Myofascial release can do just that for you. While we can’t help you touch your toes if you’ve never been able to, myofascial release can help to improve your movement.
  • Breaks Up Knots: Our fourth benefit is that myofascial release breaks up knots. Knots can form throughout your back from tension, sitting too long, bad posture, and so many other little nuisances you may not even think of. By taking advantage of myofascial release, you can break up any knots that may be causing you discomfort through your body.
  • Releases Trigger Points: Lastly, myofascial release will help with trigger points. Trigger points through your body can be rolled out and treated, especially if they are tight and painful. We also offer trigger point massages, if you’d like to try a few different treatments to relief the areas of discomfort through your body.

At Lifetime Spines, we want to help you achieve a life of comfort and ease again. We know that knots, trigger points, and chronic or acute pain can take a toll on the body. With a myofascial release, you can roll out the pain and improve your flexibility and movement. If you’re experiencing pain and discomfort through your body, then try a myofascial release and take advantage of our massage specials to find relief.

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