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How A Prenatal Massage Can Help You

How a Prenatal

One of the massage services that we offer at Lifetime Spines is prenatal massage. Prenatal massage is a special massage for women who are pregnant. We offer massage specials to help you relieve any tension or swelling that you may have as pregnancy begins to take a toll on the body. In addition to this… read more

The Importance of Myofascial Release

The Importance of

Myofascial release is something that many people seem to be talking about. It’s a relatively hot topic these days and in today’s blog, we’re going to cover some of the key points of it. One of the special massage services that we offer is myofascial release. Myofascial release is a great way to really relieve… read more

What To Know Before Getting A Massage


Getting a professional massage may be one of the most relaxing things you can do for your body and mind. A massage will soothe your body, spirit, and mind. After the massage, you’ll experience an improvement in your overall well-being. You’ll have an increase of immunity, anxiety, and circulation within your body. You’ll also notice… read more

What Type Of Massage Do You Need?


Living with chronic pain can be difficult. You can’t do the things you use to and you can’t experience life in the same manner as you were able to before. There are many ways to treat chronic pain that range from chiropractic care to massage therapy. At Lifetime Smiles, we are here to treat chronic… read more

Nervous For Your First Massage?

If you’re considering investing in a professional massage for the first time, you may be experiencing certain anxieties regarding the process. Perhaps you’re nervous about being nude, or maybe your own insecurities have you going back and forth without ever actually scheduling the massage. Keep reading to learn why there’s no reason to be nervous.… read more

3 Benefits of Trigger Point Massage Therapy

What is Trigger Point Therapy? Do you experience consistent pain from a certain point in your body, most likely in your neck, shoulders, back, or hips? When you massage that area, do you notice a muscle knot that seems to be causing a lot of your stiffness or discomfort? This is most likely a symptom… read more

Lifetime Spines Offers Massage Therapy In Austin

Are you constantly bothered by an old sports injury? Are you pregnant and looking for a safe way to relieve some stress? Do you just need to relax after a day at the office? Lifetime Spines keeps massage therapists on staff, so our chiropractic patients as well as other Austin residents can enjoy a relaxing… read more