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Five Physical Benefits of Yoga

If you have yet to join the yogis at your local gym or even give it a private try in your own living room, then you should really consider incorporating yoga into your routine. If you’ve been searching for a low impact way to boost your cardio, core strength, and energy levels, yoga might be… read more

Four Foods That Reduce Inflammation

If you suffer from arthritis, then you’re no stranger to inflammation. Caused by injury or infection, inflammation is one of your body’s immune responses, resulting in localized swelling, redness, and pain. There are a number of anti-inflammatory medications available, but reducing inflammation may be as easy as adding a few of these foods to your… read more

Welcome to Lifetime Spine’s Blog

Welcome to our blog, where you’ll find news, events, trivia, facts, and other writings related to the chiropractic and massage fields. At Lifetime Spines in Austin, we use a holistic approach to treat not only the body but also the mind and the spirit. A healthy body begins with a healthy spine, but our treatment… read more