Stretches To Try At Your Desk

Stretches To Try At Your Desk


Once upon a time when you were young, you didn’t have to deal with back pain or joint pain — it was a pain-free life. As you grow older, and the more you sit in your desk, the more you realize you’re not as young as you once were. Unfortunately, that realization happens to everyone who needs pain relief after sitting in a position for too long during the work day. The average person sits in front of a computer for eight hours a day and for five days a week. That just includes working at the office. While quitting your job isn’t an option, there are some great alternatives to targeting that pain that’s been driving you crazy. The first option is visiting a chiropractic care professional who can help alleviate that back pain. At Lifetime Spines, we specialize in massage therapy and chiropractic care services.


Try These Three Stretches At Your Desk


In today’s blog, we’ll be covering a variety of different stretches you can try at your desk when those aches and pains become too much. While you may feel awkward lifting your arms over your head or getting into odd positions in front of your coworkers or in your office, these stretches will help you feel better. These stretches are made to make you feel refreshed, to change up your position, and to provide you with relief for your joints, muscles, and that pain that never seems to leave.

The Shoulders

A great way to bring some movement to your body in a subtle and noninvasive manner is to shrug your shoulders. It might seem like a small movement, but our shoulders creep higher and higher and put our posture in disarray, which can lead to back pain. If you want to alleviate your pain, then focus on the shoulders to release the tension in the neck and the shoulders. You’ll want to shrug your shoulders and inhale deeply. Lift them near your shoulders, then release and drop them. You’ll want to do this three times. Once you’ve done that, then shake and nod your head over and over to release those tense muscles.

The Hands

Typing for long periods of time make your hands stiff and uncomfortable. If you type a lot, then it’s important to always keep carpal tunnel in mind. To shake out your hands and to ensure you feel more comfortable, loosen up your hands with a stretch called air circles. The air circles will get the blood flowing in your hands and get rid of the tension. You’ll want to clench your fists while you stretch your hands out in front of you. Then, you’ll want to create circles in the air with one fist going in one direction and the other going in another. You’ll do this as you count to 10 and then reverse the direction followed by shaking your hands out.

The Upper Body

The upper body is in a stiff position all day, so it’s essential that you wake it up with some twisting action. You’ll want to allow your upper body to be released with a torso twist. This twist should be done as you inhale and exhale. You’ll also want to turn to the right, grab the back of your chair with that hand and then with the other hand grab the other side of the chair. It’s important to keep your head and eyes level as you grasp the chair and twist your torso around. It’s important that you move your torso as far back as you can and then hold it there. Allow your eyes to wander and your mind to relax as you repeat the action on the other side.

If you’re still feeling like your joints or back is aching, then take the time to schedule an appointment at Lifetime Spines.

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