Payment Options At Lifetime Spines

Payment alternativesInsurance coordinator

Payment options at Lifetime Spines Chiropractic are designed to accommodate all budgets, and our office will review your insurance coverage as part of your initial visit. We accept workers compensation and auto accident cases, and we have flexible payment options for patients who have limited or nonexistent chiropractic insurance. You can learn about our varied payment options by calling our office.


We accept Medicare, personal injury, auto accident, and workers compensation, and we can help you determine whether your plan covers chiropractic care. You can get insurance assistance before you begin your care at Lifetime Spines Chiropractic. Our dedicated Lifetime Spines staff will verify your benefits and explain your coverage at no charge.

No Insurance? No Problem!

You can receive comprehensive chiropractic care even if you are lacking insurance. We allow you to make flexible payments as you receive good care, and your treatment may be more affordable than you imagined.

Family Payment Plans

We take health and wellness seriously at Lifetime Spines Chiropractic, and we are ready to help you take responsibility for the health and wellness of you and your family as well. Customized plans, affordable payments, and comprehensive care are hallmarks of the service offered by Lifetime Spines Chiropractic.