Our Team

Melanie LMT

Massage therapistMelanie grew up in Coppell, Texas, and earned a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches. She then went on to earn her Licensed Massage therapist certification from Lauterstein and Conway.

Melanie has always been committed to an active and healthy lifestyle. She maintains this commitment through various outdoor activities including running, hiking, and swimming. This lifestyle is the foundation of her knowledge of how to enrich the lives of others through massage therapy.

Melanie’s favorite thing to see is a back that she knows is in need of her help. This intrinsic motivation along with her extensive training in the science of human movement ensure the highest quality of care for her patients.



Anthony LMT

Massage therapistGrowing up, my life was always centered around athletics and health. My Father is a personal trainer, and my mother a physical therapist. Nutrition and physical health were/are the two most important things in life. The only thing you can control is your own body.

In my late teens I became fascinated by the application of energetics and the study of consciousness. In 2012 I moved from Vacationland (Maine), to pursue a career in body work in Austin, and I love the people and culture!

Early on in my life, I recognized the benefits that massage can offer to stress related activity. Recovery can be enhanced, and injuries can heal faster. As early as 12, sports massage was a regularity, with deep tissue and physical therapy on my injuries. I have since developed my own deep tissue techniques and releases that really provide positive therapeutic results. I also enjoy seeing the amazing results my patients receive from Cranio- Sacral therapy and Reiki.

The key to health is “intrinsic” motivation.


Massage therapistI was born and raised in Austin, Tx. I have a background in childhood development and athletics. I went to massage school at The Lauterstein-Conway massage school, rated #1 in Texas. My therapy has helped relieve pain and discomfort due to car wrecks, postural issues, or just a need for relaxation.

I am trained in Swedish, trigger point, sports massage, deep pressure, and prenatal massage. My training has given me an unique insight as to how and why the body works the way it does, and my education background helps me strive to educate clients as to how massage therapy can help them.

With the use of preventative stretches, nutrition advice,proper exercises, etc we can both contribute positively to your overall wellness.