Nervous For Your First Massage?

Nervous For Your First Massage?

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If you’re considering investing in a professional massage for the first time, you may be experiencing certain anxieties regarding the process. Perhaps you’re nervous about being nude, or maybe your own insecurities have you going back and forth without ever actually scheduling the massage. Keep reading to learn why there’s no reason to be nervous. We’ll also discuss the massage specials available here at LIFETIME Spines, your leading Austin chiropractic and massage clinic.

Common Anxieties About Massage

The therapist will see me naked.

Unless you decide to leap off of the table during your massage and leave the sheet behind, your therapist won’t see any of your nether bits. He or she will give you ample privacy while you get undressed, and most therapists don’t mind working around whatever clothing you may decide to leave on if you’re bothered by being nude in front of strangers. During your massage, only the part of your body that is being worked on will be exposed while the rest is covered with a sheet using a method called “draping.” Respecting the comfort levels and modesty of our patients is a top priority for the massage therapists here at LIFETIME Spines.

I haven’t shaved or washed my hair.

While massage therapists do expect you to display an acceptable understanding of personal hygiene, they aren’t sweating your hairy legs or the fact that you haven’t washed your hair since yesterday. So long as you don’t smell and your skin is fairly clean, your therapist will be able to do what is required. If you are too uncomfortable or anxious about your therapist working on your hairy legs, you can always request that he or she avoid your lower body.

I don’t think I can be silent for that long.

Many people assume that the relaxing nature of massage therapy means they cannot talk to the therapist during the session. While you will probably experience deeper relaxation if you avoid talking, therapists don’t mind conversationalists. Do what makes you feel comfortable, even if that means telling stories to your therapist for the entire hour. If you’re more of a quiet person, be sure to give feedback when appropriate. If your therapist is causing you excessive pain, isn’t using enough pressure, or is in an area you’d prefer he or she avoid, speak up. Massage therapists are well trained, but only you can feel what’s happening in your body.

I can’t afford massage therapy.

With the massage specials offered at our chiropractic and massage clinic, finding relief from pain doesn’t have to be expensive. Your first massage at LIFETIME Spines will only be $49 for an hour or $79 for 90 minutes. We even offer free massages to patients who refer five friends to our clinic.

Before Your Massage

  • Reschedule your massage for a sunburn (or other skin irritation) or fever.
  • Wait to schedule your massage until after all medication dosages are stable.
  • Alert your therapist to any health problems prior to your massage.
  • Remain properly hydrated in the days leading up to your massage.
  • Avoid eating directly before a massage. Allow time for your food to digest.
  • Arrive early in order to remain relaxed; don’t arrive in a hurried state.

After Your Massage

  • Get up slowly to avoid lightheadedness, and take your time standing up.
  • Stay properly hydrated to promote optimal healing within your body.
  • Experiencing soreness is normal, especially following deep tissue or trigger point.
  • massage stonesApply heat and/or cold to sore areas for relief.

Are you ready to schedule your first massage? Request an appointment at LIFETIME Spines online, and don’t forget to check out all of our massage specials.

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