Don’t Be Afraid of Deep Tissue Massage

Don’t Be Afraid of Deep Tissue Massage


Karen has an office job, and while she enjoys sitting at a desk and working on a computer every day, her back, neck, and shoulders disagree. After listening to yet another fifteen-minute long monologue about her pain problems, Karen’s friend finally suggests to Karen that she try a deep tissue massage. Karen’s eyes get so wide, you would think her friend suggested bloodletting. “I’m already in pain!,” Karen proclaims. “Don’t deep tissue massages hurt?”

If you’ve never experienced the benefits of deep tissue massage for yourself, then you may have similar concerns as Karen, believing the common misconception that deep tissue massage is more of a pain than it is a help. Our massage specialists at LIFETIME Spines would like to set the record straight for our clients right now and explain how deep tissue massage may be the solution you’ve been looking for when it comes to your pain problem.

What is deep tissue massage?

What sets deep tissue massage apart from other massage types, such as the typical Swedish massage, is the amount of pressure used and the depth of the muscles targeted. Whereas a Swedish massage will relax the body, promote circulation, and provide the client with many other benefits through light to medium pressure on the top layer of muscles, a deep tissue massage aims to go much further. By applying more direct and powerful pressure, the therapist is able to target deeper muscle groups, physically working the knots out of the muscles and allowing them to release. This pressure and the purposeful breaking down of tension makes deep tissue massage an ideal treatment option for overuse injuries and chronic pain.

Does deep tissue massage hurt?

Can you guess what your muscles’ natural reactions are to pain? To tighten! Why would we recommend a painful treatment for help with muscle tension when muscles in pain will only become more tense?

The truth is, deep tissue massage may be somewhat uncomfortable (only right at first for some), but it should never cause you pain to the extent that your muscles are flexing. When muscle tension is put under pressure, many patients describe this feeling as “hurts so good.” Your therapists at LIFETIME are experts at the deep tissue technique and will check in with you often to find out if you’d like less pressure, more pressure, or more of the same level. If you’re not sure what amount of pressure is right for you, be sure that you are not clenching your muscles during the massage.

Be sure to check out our massage specials before you schedule your appointment. Have questions about our deep tissue massage service? Feel free to contact us.

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