Reduce Your Stress With Chiropractic

Reduce Your Stress With Chiropractic


You’ve probably noticed how stress impacts your body. Perhaps you hold your stress in your neck and shoulders, which results in tightness and pain in that area. You may have even connected others of your symptoms to your stress levels, such as stomach pain, high blood pressure, irregular menstruation, back pain, or digestion problems. Here at LIFETIME Spines, Austin’s leading chiropractic clinic, we understand that reducing one’s stress levels is much easier said than done; however, we also understand the power of chiropractic care. You’ve probably already heard of chiropractic’s effectiveness in relieving pain, but did you know that it’s a stress reliever, too? Visit LIFETIME Spines to discover how chiropractic treatment can reduce your stress levels.

What does it mean to “carry” stress?

When most people talk about “carrying” stress, they mean holding in their bodies as muscle tension, but the body carries stress in many ways. Besides the impact on the body’s tissues, stress also activates the body’s fight or flight response, which stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, causing raised heart rate, the release of adrenaline, and other processes that are meant to prepare you to survive but in extended periods can be detrimental to your health.

In addition, when the spine experiences a subluxation, or misalignment, the nervous system is no longer able to function properly, and you’re left with a greatly reduced ability to cope with stress.

How can chiropractic care reduce my stress levels?

A chiropractic treatment will be centered around the spine, which houses the central nervous system. Through spinal adjustments, your chiropractor will relieve much of the tension by putting things back into their proper places, allowing the nervous system to function properly again. Your muscles will also have a chance to release their tension, allowing the body to become more relaxed and balanced overall.

Are you ready to discover how chiropractic care can help relieve your stress? Contact LIFETIME Spines to request an appointment. In the meantime, see below for some stress management tips.

Stress Management Tips

  • Take personal time. Listen to your favorite music, meditate, or give yoga a try.
  • Don’t expect perfection. This one is trickier for some than it is for others, but don’t expect perfection from yourself. Expect your best effort.
  • Stand up for yourself. Don’t stop caring for others, but understand that saying “no” is okay.
  • Stay Active. Even a short walk once a day can aid in keeping a positive attitude.
  • Learn your triggers. Look for patterns in your stressors, correct what you can, and do your best not to sweat the rest of it.
  • Get enough sleep. Your body isn’t the only thing resting when you sleep. Your mind needs rest, too!

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