5 Tips For Optimal Emotional Health

5 Tips For Optimal Emotional Health

What is Emotional Health?

If you were to go for a long run or hike to the summit of a 14er, you would probably be tired and dehydrated, requiring that you rest and drink plenty of water in order to maintain your physical health. This is the type of situation most people think of when considering their health, but overall wellness depends on much more than just physical well-being. It also depends on emotional health. People who are emotionally healthy are mindful of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors; have good coping skills and can deal with stress in healthy ways; have high self-esteem; and have healthy relationships with others. Could your emotional health use improvement? Keep reading for some simple tips for optimal emotional health from the chiropractic experts at LIFETIME Spines.  

5 Tips to Improve Your Emotional Health

reflective young womanRegulate Your Thoughts & Self Talk

Two of the most important skills to have for optimal emotional health are being aware of your thoughts and being able to regulate them. Have you ever done something embarrassing and been unable to stop thinking about it? Do you often catch yourself brooding about things that cannot be changed? Stop allowing yourself to fret like this. Worry accomplishes nothing, so take control of your thoughts, and try to concentrate on something else when your thoughts turn to the negative.

In the same way that you can manage your thought processes, you can also manage the way you communicate with yourself privately. Do you often notice that you call yourself names or tell yourself that you’re stupid in your head? Rather than giving in to these self-defeating emotions, correct the negativity with positive self talk. “You are not stupid. You made a mistake, but that’s okay, and you’ll do better the next time. No worries, darlin’.”

handing drink while working outExercise or Practice Yoga

Doing some sort of physical activity on a regular basis can help with managing your stress and can also improve symptoms of depression and anxiety. Regular exercise, even if it’s a low-impact yoga routine, boosts the levels of mood-boosting chemicals in your brain, which can significantly help with maintaining good emotional health. If you simply aren’t an exercise person, try to go for a walk at least once a day to get your body moving.

clay wheelDiscover Your Passion or Purpose

Many people experience emotional stress because they feel as though their lives have no meaning or because they have yet to find something they are passionate about. What about you? Have you found a purpose, a goal to strive for, or passion for a specific hobby? If not, it may be time for some personal reflection. Think about what natural talents you have, what you’re interested in learning more about, and what role you play in the many aspects of your life. You may find that you can find new purpose in your current career, or you may discover a whole new hobby you can spend hours on at a time.

library researchStimulate Your Brain

Many folks stop pursuing new knowledge and new skills once they leave school or get settled into a comfortable career, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. You can promote optimal emotional health by keeping your brain stimulated throughout your life. Never stop learning! Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a condition? Educate yourself. Always wanted to learn a foreign language or learn how to do this or that? It’s never too late to add a skill to your personal repertoire, and these days, researching anything is as easy as going online.

overworkedLearn How to Say No

Many people experience excessive levels of stress because they take on too many responsibilities. Your emotional health is bound to suffer if you continuously overwork yourself, causing anxiety and depression down the road. You can prevent being overworked by mastering the skill of saying no. Your colleague may “need” you to do something, but you and you alone understand your own limits. If you can’t do something, say no, and let someone else handle it. While we’re on the subject, you should also never be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

Did you know that your physical health is directly affected by your emotional health? Give the above tips a try to find relief from your stress and the pain it may be causing you. The chiropractic experts at LIFETIME Spines can also help you get out of pain through chiropractic treatment and massage. Request an appointment online today.

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