Meet Our Lifetime Massage Therapists



Tessa was led to her massage therapy career after teaching yoga for several years. It was her extensive practice and teaching of yoga that awakened her passion and fascination with the human body and the ways it can transform and heal. Wanting to explore a more hands on approach to helping other people, Tessa realized that massage was the perfect outlet. Tessa enjoys working in a chiropractic setting because it gives her the opportunity to address more specific issues with clients and work through those

issues one massage at time. She specializes in soft and deep tissue, trigger point, swedish, and cranial sacral massage therapy.



Massage therapy had a huge impact in my life. I graduated from the Swedish Institute of Manhattan. My approach is clinical and progressive with each session tailored to a client's specific goals. Some of my specialties include Deep Tissue Massage Therapy and Sports Therapy. I have worked with many athletes, helping them improve their performance by decreasing muscle tension and increasing range of motion throughout the body. Massage therapy can also help with anxiety and personal trauma. I also specialize in Trigger point therapy, Myofascial release, Shiatsu, Prenatal Massage and Swedish Massage Therapy.



I was born and raised in North Texas. As a teen I fell in love with rock climbing and became an avid backpacker. After high school I went to St. Petersburg, Florida to study biology. In 2011 I returned to Texas from Florida and began school at A New Beginning School of Massage in Austin. In 2013 I became a Wilderness EMT to minimize the inherent risks in climbing and remote backpacking; both are passions I still pursue. My EMS training has proven valuable in massage. It gave me familiarity with a very broad range of aliments, not just those typically addressed by massage therapists.

The most important part of massage for me is to try and be responsive to what each person needs. I feel like therapy can only happen when there is trust between patient and practitioner. I strive to create that trust through listening to what each person says they need and addressing that issue with the best of my abilities.

I believe my massage style would best be described as corrective. My goal in any session is to restore balance and function where they have been lost. I initially do some gliding and kneading strokes to warm up the tissues. This is usually followed by deep compression, then often trigger point therapy. I frequently make use the appendages as anatomical levers to stretch the largest muscle groups. My continuing education has centered around studying Myofascial Release under John F. Barnes. MFR has been particularly useful in the young, elderly, and those whose releases do not hold between sessions.
It is my preference to work with clients that desire corrective therapy. I am being used to my highest potential when presented with a person who is in substantial pain.