How Office Chairs Can Cause Back Pain

How Office Chairs Can Cause Back Pain


You sit in your office chair at least eight hours of the day for five days a week. Even if you work from home, you’re still sitting at a desk at the computer sifting through hours of work. If you’re lucky enough to work at a company that has standing desks, then you might not feel the discomfort in your lower back, but it’s still there on the days you forget to stand up. Whether you’re standing for eight hours or you’re sitting at a desk in an office chair, your lower back is going to need some relief. By sitting for prolonged periods in an office chair, your lower back pain will become an existing back problem that becomes worse over time. The static posture of sitting and typing puts stress on your arms, shoulders, back, legs, and your back muscles and spinal discs. This increases over time and causes consistent lower back pain, especially if you’ve been working in offices for a long time.

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The Truth About A Sedentary Lifestyle

If you work in an office, sit on the couch a lot, or you play a lot of video games, then you’re living a sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle is when you don’t engage in any physical activity. If you sit at a desk all day long without moving much, then you’re living a sedentary lifestyle. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, then it’s generally thought that your back has much more strain put on it due to the static posture you’re in. Many people by the end of their workday, find that their back hurts a lot more than at the beginning. However, it’s not just living a sedentary life that’s causing you the pain in your lower back, it could also be your office chair. An office chair can cause a hazard to your general health and not only because of a lack of physical fitness. While there are musculoskeletal dangers from sitting in a chair at your desk, it can also be the specific type of desk chair that’s causing you back pain. The mere act of sitting isn’t putting your back at risk for low back pain. Sitting in strange positions and the type of the chair you’re sitting in is the culprit to the back pain you’re experiencing.

Can Your Office Chair Cause You Back Pain?

The answer is maybe, depending on the chair you sit in and the posture you exhibit. Sitting in an office chair for a long time can be the cause of low back pain and worsen the problem, but it also comes down to the way you’re sitting, the amount of stress on your body, and the pressure on your back muscles and your spinal discs. When it comes to your office chair, to decrease the pain in your lower back, you’ll want to get an ergonomic chair. If that’s not an option, then you’ll want to sit in a proper position, which you should be doing anyway, and set up your desk to your measurements. In addition, you should find alternatives to office chairs such as exercise balls. You can also stay active, which means standing, stretching, and walking for at least a minute or two to every half hour you sit in a chair.

What To Know About Your Office Chair Setup

When you sit at your desk, you should sit in a specific manner. Your desk surface should be set to the right height that matches up with you. The desk should follow the guidelines such as the elbows should rest at 90-degrees angles and the handles should be on the keyboard. During the workday, you shouldn’t slouch or lean forward on your desk. You should utilize the lumbar back support of the office chair, which means that you should align your lower back against the back of the chair because that’s what it’s there for. In addition, you should avoid sitting in a static position. When it comes to the chair guidelines, you should maximize your back support and maintain a good posture. It’s important that you align the proper elements of your desk to your physical proportions, so your body isn’t straining and putting too much pressure on your spine. You’ll want to take into account your elbow, thigh, and calf measurements as well as the low back support.

The Solution To Your Back Pain

So, what’s the solution? If you’re looking for lower back pain relief, then take the time to come in for our chiropractic care at Lifetime Spines.

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