What To Know Before Getting A Massage


Getting a professional massage may be one of the most relaxing things you can do for your body and mind. A massage will soothe your body, spirit, and mind. After the massage, you’ll experience an improvement in your overall well-being. You’ll have an increase of immunity, anxiety, and circulation within your body. You’ll also notice… read more

What Type Of Massage Do You Need?


Living with chronic pain can be difficult. You can’t do the things you use to and you can’t experience life in the same manner as you were able to before. There are many ways to treat chronic pain that range from chiropractic care to massage therapy. At Lifetime Smiles, we are here to treat chronic… read more

What To Do At Work For Back Pain


You’ve worked the same job for a few years now and you love it; however, your back pain is increasingly getting worse the more you sit at your desk. You’ve tried taking medicine, you’ve talked to your doctor, and you’ve even tried sitting with a special pillow behind your back. Nothing seems to be working… read more

Stretches To Try At Your Desk


Once upon a time when you were young, you didn’t have to deal with back pain or joint pain — it was a pain-free life. As you grow older, and the more you sit in your desk, the more you realize you’re not as young as you once were. Unfortunately, that realization happens to everyone… read more

How Office Chairs Can Cause Back Pain


You sit in your office chair at least eight hours of the day for five days a week. Even if you work from home, you’re still sitting at a desk at the computer sifting through hours of work. If you’re lucky enough to work at a company that has standing desks, then you might not… read more

Reduce Your Stress With Chiropractic

You’ve probably noticed how stress impacts your body. Perhaps you hold your stress in your neck and shoulders, which results in tightness and pain in that area. You may have even connected others of your symptoms to your stress levels, such as stomach pain, high blood pressure, irregular menstruation, back pain, or digestion problems. Here… read more

Recovering After an Auto Accident

Any person’s main goal after being in an automobile accident should be to heal, but our society’s “go, go, go” mentality as well as previous obligations and responsibilities often make giving the body time to recover much easier said than done. Here at LIFETIME Spines, an Austin office offering chiropractic care following auto accidents, we… read more

Don’t Be Afraid of Deep Tissue Massage

Karen has an office job, and while she enjoys sitting at a desk and working on a computer every day, her back, neck, and shoulders disagree. After listening to yet another fifteen-minute long monologue about her pain problems, Karen’s friend finally suggests to Karen that she try a deep tissue massage. Karen’s eyes get so… read more

Seek Help For These Delayed Auto Accident Symptoms

There is a very common misconception regarding auto accidents that we at LIFETIME Spines would like to address, and that is the belief that the severity of an auto accident injury depends on the speeds and/or severity of the crash itself. This is simply not true as all accident circumstances are different, and no two… read more