Are You Experiencing Whiplash Pain?

Are You Experiencing Whiplash Pain?

neck painHave you recently been in a rear-end automobile collision? Have you noticed since that your neck is stiffer than usual or doesn’t have the same range of motion? Are you experiencing headaches, blurred vision, dizziness, or fatigue? It’s possible that you’ve sustained a whiplash injury. Whiplash most commonly occurs when a stopped vehicle is struck from behind, causing the driver’s head and neck to be pushed backward while his torso is pushed forward followed by a rapid reversal, where the driver’s head and neck fall back into forward position.

Whiplash can cause a variety of problems, including joint dysfunction (stiffness and loss of range of motion), disc herniation, faulty movement patterns, and chronic pain. Early attempts at treating whiplash included using a cervical collar. The collar was meant to keep the head and neck immobile in order to prevent further injury while the current one heals, but the extended immobility actually causes a delay in the healing process. Today, medical professionals recommend early range of motion exercises to promote healing in whiplash injuries.

To get relief from your whiplash pain, try chiropractic care. A chiropractor has the knowledge and experience necessary to reduce or correct the problems caused by whiplash. In addition to trusted chiropractic techniques, Lifetime Spines, the leading chiropractic care professionals in Austin, can also assist you with the legal side of your accident. We have a great deal of experience navigating the realm of legal claims. Request an appointment today, and let us help you restore your body and defeat your pain.

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