About The Phases Of Chiropractic Care

About The Phases Of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a way to target mechanical issues of the musculoskeletal system. The musculoskeletal system is what provides you with movement in your body. It’s the muscles, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, joints, and the skeleton throughout your body. It’s what connects your body and supports it. There are four main functions of the muscular system and that includes mobility, posture, stability, and movement. When you have an issue with your skeletal system, it can create discomfort and pain throughout your body, which can affect your overall health. It’s important that you take care of your body, which is where chiropractic care can step in. If you’re interested in chiropractic care, then contact Lifetime Spines for an appointment.

The Phases

When it comes to chiropractic care, there are different phases you go through when you are targeting the health of your skeletal system. Your entire body is linked together by the nervous system and the spine is the foundation of it. When one area of your body has pain in it, then it can affect other parts of your body as well. The phases of chiropractic care can help you begin to heal and improve your overall health. Since there’s communication between the brain and the rest of the body, with a chiropractic adjustment, you’ll be able to live a life that’s pain-free. Below are the different phases that your body will go through with chiropractic care.

Make An Appointment With Lifetime Spines

The first stage is to make an appointment. After all, you can’t figure out what’s wrong with your nervous system if you don’t take the time to work with a chiropractic care specialist. What’s great about making an appointment with Lifetime Spines is how easy we make it. Just fill out a form and you’ll have an appointment! Coming to us for chiropractic care has no side-effects. We don’t use any invasive methods and drugs or do surgery or cortisone injections to help with the pain. We’ll just help realign your body. All you need to do is reach out to us and tell us where you’re experiencing discomfort or pain.


The next phase is to find relief. Gaining relief from the pain is something so many people seek that on the occasion it can be accomplished in unhealthy ways. We will help you reach relief in a holistic manner. People generally seek chiropractic care because they need pain relief. It’s the first phase that you’ll notice with chiropractic care, especially depending on the severity of the condition. Don’t expect the pain relief to be gone quickly, you’ll want to come back for a few visits to really target the pain and allow the chiropractor to complete the process. While pain relief is the main goal, we’ll also treat the underlying issue.

Correction And Restoration

The third phase is the correction and restoration. As we mentioned, many people come to us for pain relief, however, identifying and fixing the underlying issue can provide restoration. You may think that a successful visit is a decrease of pain symptoms; however, it’s about the correction and restoration that allows you to take your life back. If you don’t identify the reason you’re in pain, then you could end up having a recurring issue, which may result in even more pain. By continuing treatment for correction and restoration, you’ll be able to identify and fix the underlying condition. In this phase of care, you’ll want to focus on stretching and exercising for treatment to work on restoration and correction. This allows your body to fully heal.


The last phase that is in chiropractic care is maintenance. What helps with having a newly restored body is maintenance. The key to having better overall health is sticking with the treatment. You’ll have a newly restored body that helps to ward off the issues that were bothering you before. By doing continued maintenance, you’ll be able to avoid developing the same condition that was causing you pain previously. Chiropractic care can be considered similar to healthy eating, exercising, and other healthy habits because you need to do them for a long time. If you’re dedicated to the changes in your body, then you’ll need to practice chiropractic care to see results that you want. For a healthy nervous and musculoskeletal system, continued chiropractic care will make a difference, especially if you want a properly adjusted body.

Lifetime Spines serves the Austin, TX, area. We strive to offer chiropractic care services that will work to realign your body and lower the pain in your body. While pain relief is a primary goal, we also want to target the underlying issue, so you can begin to feel restored. If you want good overall health, then chiropractic care services can be a beneficial option. If you want more information on our services, check out the phases of chiropractic care.

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